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Help us in our fight against the Children's Cancer

We can change the lives of those who have lost hope.

Our association puts all his energy at the service of children with cancer, their families and supports most effectively search against child cancer. It works through donations and organizing multiple activities crops funds.

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Little Hugo

Metastatic Neuroblastoma stage 4 with amplification of N-myc (Hugo suffers illness) is a very rare cancer that affects 10 children over 1 million per year.
Amplification of N-myc is a little phenomenon observed in children under two years and this has the effect of making the more aggressive and treatment-resistant cancer.
The metastatic neuroblastoma stage 4 with N-myc amplification is a rare cancer that affects 10 children over 1 million per year. This amplification of N-myc makes the prognosis even more pessimistic at the beginning.
N-myc oncogene in the tumor that creates cancer cells more rapidly and in greater numbers.
(Cancer spreads unbelievable speed)
Primary tumor Hugo is in his abdomen, the right kidney and adrenal gland, it is powered by the inferior vena cava and affects the liver.
When the disease was discovered, metastasis had invaded the liver, bone marrow and orbital bones.

Since June 19, 2012, Hugo follows a treatment that breaks down into 5 major phases:
- La chimiothérapie conventionnelle : 8 cures de 3 jours chacune à l’hôpital de l’Archet à Nice.
- Surgery at the Lenval hospital in Nice. - The high-dose chemotherapy and autologous bone marrow transplantation at the Institute Gustave Roussy in Paris.
- Radiation therapy: 14 sessions under general anesthesia in the hospital of La Timone in Marseille.
- Immunotherapy at the Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris: 5 cures for 3 weeks in the hospital with a heavy treatment I.G.R of Paris followed by 2 weeks of medical drugs at home.
Since early November 2013 Hugo is in remission , however, the risk of relapse are minimized as they are 50% and there is no treatment to date in case of relapse.

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Cancer is a major cause of death in children.
This is the first cause of death by disease and the second cause of death after accidents.
Every year in France, 2,500 children and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer and 500 die. 1 child in 440 will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15.
The number of childhood cancer increases by 1 to 2% per year in Europe for 30 years. And yet,
- Only 2% of funds earmarked for anti-cancer research are allocated to pediatric cancers, - La research is mainly focused on adult cancers. However, malignant tumors detected in children are not of the same nature as those of adults and therefore can not be cured in the same way.
- Over 50% of the medicines given to children are not officially allowed in children (not specifically developed and tested on children) .
There is no one type of cancer but more than 60 types of cancers (leukemia, low-grade glioma, neuroblastoma, cancer infiltrating the brain stem, etc.) which that for each type of cancer, there is little of children involved and therefore the drug market is small and not interested industrialists. .

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Our projects

Our projects are organizing events to help generate funds that the association Hugo All .
Our association contributes a significant portion to: Videos - Research against pediatric cancer at INSTITUT GUSTAVE ROUSSY, France - Financing of equipment
- And the organization of day for children in the hematology service - Paediatric Oncology of the University Hospital of Nice .. L'Archer 2
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Our mission

Home About us Our association was created initially to allow Hugo Fabian and Virginia to remain united during the entire treatment.
Thanks to various events and numerous donations, the association member provides the financial needs of the family and overcomes the problems caused by the stoppage of the parents of Hugo.
Secondly, the association aims to make known to as many people misunderstood this cancer which is nevertheless the second most common cancer in children
Amplification of N-myc makes cancer Hugo very rare for a child under 2 years.
Indeed, part of the money raised will fund research to fight pediatric cancer who today receives only 2% of the funds dedicated to research (adults and children) .
The other part of the funds raised will help improve the comfort of the children in the hematology-oncology department of the CHU Nice l'Archer 2.
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