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The generosity of Nice in the spotlight once again ...

For the second consecutive year, the Association Niçoise "All With Hugo," in its fight against "the children's cancer", presented a € 15,000 check to the search section against pediatric cancer institute Gustave Roussy in Villejuif.
President of the association "Tous avec Hugo" Virginia Séchaud-Loria had the honor of presenting the check to Professor Valteau-Couanet, Head of Department...

... Pediatric Oncology of the Institute Gustave Roussy.

Nice is characterized as very often in just causes and those of children with cancer is very important.

The members and the President, his sponsors and L. J. Cobos Barat, volunteers and benefactors, welcomed the support they provide to children with cancer through the actions they relentlessly lead for almost 3 years and would like to thank the Mayor of Nice, the Departmental Council of the Alpes Maritimes and all those who helped, once again, to make a financial contribution to research. The association also continues throughout the year its shares to the Haematology Department of Pediatric Oncology Nice CHU Archet 2 in order to improve the comfort of hospitalized children.
"Definitely Nice has a heart as big as that!"

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